Sleep with the bears at Bear Bay Lodge

The Bear Bay Fishing Lodge is an outdoorsman’s paradise, one that sounds almost too good to be true. The beautiful site is located right at the mouth of Bute Inlet’s Bear River on British Columbia’s West Coast, and is optimal real estate for those looking to come face to face with the river’s eponymous species. In the fall, you can get as close as you dare (safety allowing) to grizzlies and black bears in their natural environmentthat’s the season when they flock to the streams to “welcome in” the spawning salmon.With such competition, the fall isn’t the best for prospective fishers, but the lodge is still a great destination any time of the year. During the early spring, the Bute Inlet’s many streams provide an amazing angling experience. There are even helicopters ready to ferry you to the perfect location. When you get bored, you can go hiking on the ridge tops surrounding the bay.Bears aren’t the only wildlife you’ll see in the mountains and valleys. With some peaks rising 10,000 feet out of the sea, there’s plenty of room for other species, and you’re likely to glimpse deer and mountain goats along with eagles and ravens. The lodge itself also offers several creature comforts, including a front porch looking out on several playful porpoises, seals, and otters. When its time to relax, there’s plenty of places to sit and read, and of course freshly-caught seafood to cap off a full day.Prospective visitors are invited to contact the Lodge via e-mail for more information on their rates or transportation options (most people arrive via helicopter or floatplane, but guests can also bring their own boats if they call ahead). If you’re a bear fan, it could be the most important e-mail you ever send.

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