Famous Bears in Fiction

Throughout the years, bears have had a prominent place in literature. Some of these bears are anthropomorphized. Other bears are presented in realistic settings with realistic situations.

One of the most famous bears in literature has to be Baloo from the “Jungle Book” stories written by Rudyard Kipling. Baloo is a wise bear who gives advice and guidance to his friend Mowgli.

Before becoming a movie and a television series, “Gentle Ben” came to life in the pages Read the rest of this entry »

3 Things You Didn’t Know About Grizzly Bears

Grizzly bears are large, intimidating animals that can grow to a height of 8 feet, and they can weigh up to 800lbs. This species is characterized by its large size and dark brown fur. The grizzly bear is a muscular animal that has a hump on its back that consists of muscle. This gives the grizzly bear more power when hunting and digging. These bears are very interesting creatures, and there is a lot to learn about them. Check out these 3 fun facts on grizzly bears:

1. Athletic
Grizzly bears are mean lean Read the rest of this entry »

3 Things You Didn’t Know About Black Bears

Three Things You Didn’t Know About Black Bears

Something you may not realize about black bears is that they are the most common bear in North America. They range from northern Canada all the way down to Mexico. They are omnivorous and the females are excellent mothers and care for their young for nearly two years.
Also, black bears do not truly hibernate. Hibernation causes animals to fall into an almost death-like torpor in which the animal Read the rest of this entry »

Arguments Against Bear Hunting

Bear hunting is a sport that should be banned due to the fact that it is a very cruel sport which causes much pain and suffering.

Some hunters use dogs for hunting bears. Usually, a pack of dogs chases a bear to the point of exhaustion. If the bear becomes trapped somewhere or climbs up a tree to avoid the dogs, the hunter has an easy defenseless pray to kill. Killing a defenseless trapped bear is definitely cruel.

Even if the bear can’t escape the dogs, it still has them to contend with. The dogs can literally tear the bear to pieces, especially if the bear is exhausted. One bear against a pack of dogs is an extremely unfair and cruel practice.

A bear trap is usually a leg-hold trap. The bear steps in it and steel jaws snap around the bear’s ankle. The teeth of the jaws can pierce the leg causing much pain. Also, a trapped bear may starve to death or be attacked by other predators if they are trapped. This is definitely a cruel practice that should be completely outlawed.

Because of these cruel methods used to hunt bears, bear hunting should be outlawed.

Arguments For Bear Hunting

Bear hunting is a sport that many people enjoy. However, there are many people who are against it because they feel that it is unethical to kill animals. They believe that all life is precious and that includes the life of an animal. Proponents of bear hunting argue that it is a necessary for controlling the bear population. They further argue that the number of people who are killed each year as the result of a bear attack would be even higher without bear Read the rest of this entry »

Save the Spirit Bears

The spirit bears, otherwise known as Kermode bears, are actually American Black Bears of a different color. Spirit or ghost bears have long held a prominent place in Native American cultures. They can be found habituating British Columbia’s northern and central costal areas. Spirit bears currently face many of the same threats that wildlife faces worldwide due to human activities.

Kermode bears are a subspecies of the American Black Bear, with a light colored coat, resulting from recessive gene also carried or passed on by black bears. Since spirit bears have dark colored eyes Read the rest of this entry »

Bear Hunting in British Columbia

If you are looking for a good opportunity for a prosperous hunting trip, consider bear hunting in British Columbia. Ideally situated in prime black and grizzly bear territory, British Columbia offers beautiful scenery to enjoy along side the thrill of the hunt.

Excellent opportunities for quality family time abound when bear hunting in British Columbia, the landscape is prime in just about any season of the year to take advantage. This allows for planned or impromptu mini-vacations where you will have a successful hunt.

You can find guided hunts as well Read the rest of this entry »

Take a Bear Sighting Trip

You’ve spent your fare share of time scouring the woods of British Columbia for fresh scat and the prints of a Grizzly but if you haven’t had much luck yet, it’s time you head out to one of the nation’s best parks for spotting bears. No more weekends watching Yogi or Smokey on Direct TV satellite – get out there and see the real thing!
Yellowstone National Park – Careful…bears here are aggressive since tourists relentlessly feed them despite Read the rest of this entry »

A Highly Publicized Decrease in Grizzly Population

It may not seem like professional basketball has much to do with Bute and its Bears, especially a team from Memphis, Tennessee, but without the Bears that roam Bute and the surrounding area of British Columbia the Memphis Grizzlies might play under an entirely different banner.The name Grizzlies actually pays homage to the BC native bear breed, christening the Vancouver franchise when the National Basketball Association expanded to Canada prior to the 1995 season. The Vancouver Grizzlies joined the Toronto Raptors as the first NBA teams to call the Great White North home since Toronto Huskies, also named after a local product of the animal kingdom, back in 1946-47. Originally , the Grizzlies were set to be called the Vancouver Mounties, though due to objections for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, there Grizzlies moniker was chosen as a suitable replacement. Read the rest of this entry »

Sleep with the bears at Bear Bay Lodge

The Bear Bay Fishing Lodge is an outdoorsman’s paradise, one that sounds almost too good to be true. The beautiful site is located right at the mouth of Bute Inlet’s Bear River on British Columbia’s West Coast, and is optimal real estate for those looking to come face to face with the river’s eponymous species. In the fall, you can get as close as you dare (safety allowing) to grizzlies and black bears in their natural environmentthat’s the season when they flock to the streams to “welcome in” the spawning salmon.With such competition, the fall isn’t the best for prospective fishers, but the lodge is still a great destination any time of the year. During the early spring, the Bute Inlet’s many streams provide an amazing angling experience. There are even helicopters ready to ferry you to the perfect location. When you get bored, you can go hiking on the ridge tops surrounding the bay. Read the rest of this entry »